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How can I change language to Russian in NA Steam version?

For M&MH7 I can see Russian language supported with full audio on the store page : However when I go to steam settings I can see all supported languages except for Russian: The game is bought in ...
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Heroes 7 - Arcane knowledge use after 8

In heroes 7 (I think it was actually introduced in 6... not sure, been a while) you have 1 stat called arcane knowledge. Its use is pretty straight forward: to learn spells lvl 2 you need 2 arcane, ...
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Hosting a Might&Magic 7 Online game

I'm trying to host a multiplayer game in Heroes: Might & Magic 7 to play it with friends, but they can't join my games and vice versa. Of course I tried opening the port 20715 (both UDP and TCP) ...
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Heroes VII memory usage > 8Gb issue

When I try to run Heroes VII on My PC it runs out of physical memory during game load (even before it gets to the game main menu) and windows stop responding until finally crash. Sys: intel i7 / 8Gb ...
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