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4 votes
1 answer

How do you run a CPU profile on a CS:GO server?

I remember a few months ago running a profile on a CS:GO server I run. Even going so far as to create a program to automatically parse the results for a better view. However, now I have similar CPU ...
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2 votes
2 answers

My TF2 server cannot connect to the item server

I own a standard SRCDS server and when I (or anybody else) joins, they cannot connect to the item server. I have checked other servers and it definitely works there. Does anyone know why this ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can not start listen server with SourceMod

I have SourceMod set up for a listen server on my copy of TF2. This worked fine as of the Invasion update. However, I updated to the latest version of TF2 and now when I start a server, it crashes ...
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Free for all mode, allow team killing

I'm trying to set up a CS:S server with Gun Game and Deathmatch. I have everything done except I want it to be a free-for-all style, where you can kill your own team mate and be awarded points. I ...
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sourcebans.smx Database failure: Could not find driver "mysql"

Hi I've been going at this for literally hours now. I've currently running my game server on a VPS (Ubuntu 14.04 x64). This is where I currently am. -Meta mod 1.10 -Sourcemod 1.5.4-git4078.tar.gz -...
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