I purchased Sacred 2 from GoGamer.com. I was able to successfully install the game and even to authenticate my key. However, when I tried to make a multiplayer account, I was informed that my key was invalid.

I filed a ticket with CDV (the NA publisher), but haven't heard anything.

Anybody know if there is a workaround of some kind? Or has had success with CDV?

  • I've had a similar error trying to play Sacred Gold off of Steam. Works fine for singleplayer, but unconnectable on multiplayer either online or over LAN. Jul 9 '10 at 16:52

This question has been sitting a while so I'll throw it out there, but did Sacred 2 use any corporate servers for multiplayer matchmaking or account tracking? Maybe they turned off said servers.


I just bought the game today. Been waiting for the price to drop. Can't play multiplayer because it tells me the key is invalid. I bought it in a store, and I have the box. It seems like they stopped supporting the multiplayer aspect of the game a while back. Or at least that is what I gather from the hundreds of forum posts that claim sacred 2 support team won't respond. CDV got their money and they are moving on. To hell with the customers I guess. I am giving this game a 1.0 on gamespot and other site just because CDV won't acknowledge us.

  • Well, it doesn't really matter now. I played a few hours today on the toughest difficulty and the game is extremely easy and boring. I think I will be looking for another game.
    – Derik
    Oct 2 '10 at 16:23

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