I just noticed a little green checkmark on one of my (not yet taken) keystone skills:

enter image description here

After i placed a skillpoint there, and applied, the checkmark vanished. Other Keystones that i could put points into do not have this checkmark.

Does anyone know what this checkmark means?

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This is a challenge leftover from the Season 1 challenges. Season one ran from June 5th through October 8, 2013.

Allocate all notable and all keystone passive skills. A green check mark will appear next to skills you have taken. The check mark remains even if the skill is refunded or the character deleted.

Chances are you'll see this type of challenge again once the new race season starts.

Path of Exile Gamepedia


Back in the previous 4 month seasons, it was related to the Challenges (where you had to get all the notable nodes at same point).

The ticks have remained on some nodes as a bug, but this is fixed in patch 1.0.1, according to the patch notes:

Fixed an issue where check marks would appear on Notable and Keystone passive skills, even though there is currently no related challenge.

it's a bug, it's a leftover from achievements. Simple as that.

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