In Skyrim, when I first arrived at Forelhost, there was this Imperial alone by his firecamp. I tried to enter Forelhost, but the door was locked and absolutely needed a key. I talked to the Imperial camping just by the door but he didn't mention Forelhost.

I tried to pick-pocket the Imperial, hoping that he had the key and saw that note that tells that he is an impostor! Then he got mad for the pick-pocket and tried to kill me, so I killed the false-Imperial.

I entered Forelhost, crawled the dungeon, learned its gruesome story and picked up the great unique item at the end. Suprise! A new quest appears: "Siege on the Dragon Cult" with that objective: Return to Captain Valmir.

I got outside via the balcony and saw an Imperial standing beside the impostor's body. I said to myself: "Hey! Here's the real Captain Valmir! Time to tick that quest!". To my great surprise, as soon as I got near he attacked and I had to kill him in a fiery burst of flames.

But now the quest "Siege on the Dragon Cult" stays there, waiting for me to return to the Captain Valmir that is now a roasted to a crisp by the door to Forelhost, not far from the body of the impostor.

How can I complete that quest? (I am using the PC version of Skyrim and can use the console if needed.)


According to this unofficial source

  • If Captain Valmir is already dead, the objective assigned will be to find the key to the well in the Catacombs.
  • If Captain Valmir is still alive, then the objective assigned is to return to him with the mask.

This can indicate a bugged quest, so here's 3 possible solutions:

  • If you did not already, retrieving the key from his body may progress the quest.
  • Reloading to a previous save.
  • If you're playing the PC version, you can use the console command setStage dunForelhostQST 110 to progress to the next stage and complete the quest.
  • There was no key left to pick up so I used the console command. – Danny T. Mar 20 '14 at 22:02

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