I am having two problems with Splinter Cell:Conviction.

  • First problem with this game is about resolution. My monitor doesn't support its original resolution. I need to change it to default. Is there any way to change it without opening game?
  • Second problem with this game is, when it reaches the main menu, then the game window automatically minimizes. I tried to open it again, but it didn't work; same happened as before. I can hear sound of main menu.

One more thing, that game was working before on Windows 7 32bit version but now I have Windows 7 64bit. Does it matter?


To fix resolution, go to:

C:\ProgramData\Ubisoft\Conviction open the ConvictionUserPC.ini and find and change

FullscreenViewportX= change (width like 1360) FullscreenViewportY= change (height like 768)

As for the second problem , try to run the game in windowed mode, if that dosen't work out, then open taskmanager and put splinter.exe on high priority.

Note : Make sure you run as Administrator.

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