I'm currently doing a "mini farlands-or-bust" thing in one of my worlds, and I was wondering, how can I determine my XYZ position? I tried doing the math with the file size, but that won't work now the the view distance adjusts automatically. So, how can I determine my XYZ position?


If you don't want to use a mod, you can enter the following command:

/tp @p ~ ~ ~

That teleports you to where you are and it would say in the chat:

Teleported [your username] to [x], [y], [z]

1.12 Update

You can show coordinates on the screen as long as gamerule showCoordinates is true.

/gamerule showCoordinates true
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What I do is I use block launcher, as it allows you to install and use game mods. One of the mods I have is called smooth minimap, it adds a small map to the screen, it also displays your xyz in-game.

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Using the following method, you do not need commands.

Go into settings and turn on "Show Coordinates"

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