I noticed that voice chat makes my games laggy and unplayable. I'm trying to disable it completely so it won't hog my network resource anymore. While searching for a solution I found this console command to disable it, but I haven't tested it thoroughly.

voice_enable 0

By inputting this command into console window, I didn't get any message nor error returned. Is there anyone able to clarify this?

  • Well...um...it does exactly what it says on the tin. It disables voice. You can just try to join a game and see if there's voice chat going on to try out if it worked? (Even though voice_enable strikes me as a Source game kind of thing and obviously I didn't do research.) Nov 26, 2014 at 14:18

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when voice_enable is set a zero (0), you won't receive any voice communication signal (you could say the voice chat is muted) AND your microphone won't send any data to your teammates either.

It mutes the voice over ip system (VoIP) for yourself.


According to the wiki :

voice_enable 0/1 Toggle voice transmit and receive.

The default value is 1 so by default voice transmit and recieve is enabled.

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