In the launcher, prior to version 1.8, Minecraft used to have a log of the updates that were implemented in each version. For example:

Minecraft Version x

  • Bug fixes
  • Added features
  • Removed Herobrine

But now, the only thing I have seen since Microsoft bought Minecraft is a promotional cape notice. And since then rabbits, Sponges, new enchantments and new enchantment features have been added, and even a new boss, but no mention of it in the launcher?

Does anyone know if there is something I'm missing, or if it's to do with Microsoft's take over?

What I'm looking for is a list of all the new features that have been added in each update. The Minecraft Update Tumblr only shows what shows in the launcher, which is not what I'm looking for. Eg, the latest update news in that is

We have released Minecraft version 1.8.4 to fix some security issues. Updating is highly recommended from older versions, and is 100% compatible with all 1.8 versions.

This tells me nothing about anything that was added to the game.

So to clarify, my question is this: Where can I find a detailed list of all the new fixes/new features/"Removed Herobrine" logs for each update? (If there even is one)

  • Note: Not asking why the dev's decided to stop it, just why it has stopped. That seems like the same thing to me. Can you explain more?
    – Jon
    Dec 29 '14 at 6:45
  • @Chipperyman I think it's a more broad way of asking the question. If it is a dev's decision, then that's the answer to the question I'm asking. If there is another reason, whatever that may be, that could also be the answer.
    – Ben
    Dec 29 '14 at 12:49

The update notes you are looking for are not usually present on the tumblr, as you noted. There are two places, however, where you can find the information you seek.

Official Mojang blog

They can, however be found in the official Mojang blog on their main site. The older posts can be hard to find though, but should be able to find them with some googling, I suggest searching for

site:mojang.com -site:bugs.mojang.com minecraft [version]

to limit the results to actual results. Note that these posts are often updated, even changing the title in some cases, such as the one for 1.8.2.

Sadly, the information about bugfixes is often scattered among multiple posts for pre-releases as well as the main post, making them hard to follow. They also seem to be incomplete.

The wiki's version history

A much more convenient way of browsing the changes is offered by the wiki, in the Version History article, neatly sorted by major and minor version. There is an extra page for development versions as well, if you want to check out the snapshots or pre-releases.

The downside is that this information is user-curated and takes some time to be gathered, especially for non-obvious changes, such as the blacklisting of player head textures not hosted on a mojang server in 1.8.4.


What you are looking at is the Minecraft Update tumblr, which does include minecraft changelogs, but with the recent other posts (International hello, and Scrolls promo) the changelogs have been pushed to the bottom of the view, just scroll down.

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