Upon attempting to create a new world in Don't Starve Together I am presented with the opportunity to select a Game Mode.

The options include: Survival, Wilderness and Endless

What are the differences between these 3 modes?

Which is the best for casual gameplay? IE. has least death penalties, I do not wish to continue playing once my co-op player or I die.


According to this wiki page:


  • Intended to encourage cooperative play.
  • When players die, they become ghosts.
  • Ghosts cause the sanity of living players to drop if they are nearby.
  • Ghosts can be revived by certain items.
  • When all players die a timer starts. If nobody revives themselves before the timer is up, the world resets and all players start anew.


  • Intended to be more relaxed and casual.
  • When players die, they become ghosts.
  • Ghosts have no effect on the sanity of living players.
  • Ghosts can be revived by the same items as Survival, but also at the spawn portal.
  • Even if everyone becomes ghosts, the world never resets.


  • Intended to be more like other survival games.
  • Players spawn in random locations.
  • When players die they do not become ghosts.
  • Dead players lose all their items and map information, and respawn at a new random location.
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    To complete the answer I must suggest that the most casual of these is Endless where if you die you just go back to the portal and rez. This is the one we find the most enjoyable with friends and its the most hardcore-less Jul 10 '15 at 22:36
  • For Wilderness, what does "lose all their items" mean? Does it just refer to inventory, or to other items such as items in a chest, an ice box, or Chester? Does it mean those items are dropped on the ground, or that they vanish from existence?
    – Kyralessa
    Jul 23 '15 at 4:07

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