Everytime there is an update, Windows resets the volume level (in game and for the client).

Is there a way to fix it ?

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    I don't encounter this problem, so I can't give you the solution but I think there is one... – RiddlerNewComer Mar 16 '16 at 7:50

In your config folder there is a file called persistedsettings.json that is getting recreated on launch. This is a new addition to their file system and I think the settings are in here.

Try moving this file out of the directory and replacing it with a config.ini file, which is used to load in game settings. I haven't had this problem since doing this.


One way i am aware you can do this is by using LSI(League Summoner Information) which was one of the reasons i started using it actually, you can control at which volume LoL stays even after updates.

There might be other ways, but this is the one i use.

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