Is there a way to know in the console when you die and when a round starts or ends? Can I get info for shots fired, hit, and headshots on a single round?


Yes, of course you can. There are certain keyword that appear in the console when you shoot/kill/hit and enemy player. For this, you can use filters in the console. Here is a guide for it.

Where to Enter Commands: config/autoexec/valve.rc or console


developer "1"
con_filter_text "Damage"
con_filter_text_out "Player:"
con_filter_enable "2"

To create a bind for quick access:

bind "Key" "displaydamage"

//Displaydamage - Switch Script by 3st
alias displaydamage "displaydamage_off"
alias displaydamage_on "con_filter_text Damage; con_filter_text_out Player:; con_filter_enable 2; developer 1; alias displaydamage displaydamage_off"
alias displaydamage_off "con_filter_enable 0; developer 0; clear; alias displaydamage displaydamage_on"

Just copy it into your *.cfg and replace "Key" with a key of your choice.

If you do not have an autoexec.cfg or valve.rc or any other way to execute scripts in game don't panic. You have two choices: If you do not want to use the switch script you can go the easy way and simply enter "The Commands" from above into your console in game.

If you want to use the script you will have to create an autoexec.cfg.

Step 1: Go to your Windows desktop, click your right mouse button and create a new text file.

Step 2: Open it and copy my script from above into it. Be sure to replace "Key" with a key of your choice. I myself use "KP_HOME" - it's the 7 on the keyboard's numpad.

Step 3: Write "host_writeconfig" in the last row of your text file.

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