In one of my friend's servers in Minecraft I traveled to the End and could not get out of it as the portal was not working. I decided if I killed myself I should be able to spawn back in the normal world. But when I died I could not press the respawn or title screen button. I tried logging off and back on and it had no difference. I also can't type because chat will open and close in less then 0.0001 seconds. I can't disconnect or even reach the main menu as it does the same thing with chat. Someone please help and keep in mind I cannot type for them to respawn me or tp.

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    "Less than 0.0001 seconds" you can determine that speed? – TwentyCharMax Jul 15 '16 at 1:18

It appears that a solution to a similar problem has been found on this site.

The solution presented on the site is:

  1. Go to this UUID resolver and search your username to find your UUID.
  2. Download NBTExplorer.
  3. Open the player's file, located at /world/playerdata/[UUID].dat, using NBTExplorer.
  4. Edit the DeathTime parameter by double clicking it, and set it to 0.
  5. Save, and relaunch the server.

Hope this works.


Option 1:Try to ask for OP. It might help! Option 2:Ask for Creative mode!

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