I'm in a very strange situation. When I run Uplay and log in, there is no shop tab. Usually, I start all my PC games from Steam, which means I don't use Uplay very often.

I tried to fix this bug by reinstalling the latest version of Uplay, but this didn't help. I always log in online; I never use offline mode.

Did I miss a special setting to enable the shop?


According to this post in the Ubisoft forums, you can't see the shop if:

  1. Uplay account only has games purchased via Steam

  2. You launch Uplay via Steam

But you can see the shop if:

You launch Uplay from its own shortcut and own at least one game that you didn't buy through Steam.

What you can do:

You can still buy games from http://shop.ubi.com/ regardless of if you can see the shop tab in the client or not. If you decided to do that at some point (Or anywhere else other than Steam) then you'd be able to see the shop by simply launching Uplay from its own shortcut in future.

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Found this answer made by community manager at Uplay's forum

Hello, you will not see the Shop tab if you launch Uplay from a Steam game or only have games owned through Steam on your Uplay account.

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    Okay. But now I want to purchase a game directly in Uplay. How am I gonna do this? – mabu Jan 27 '17 at 6:52
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    You can still buy from their website as @Denelio said and sending a ticket to them would be a good idea, maybe they see that this policy is a bit counter productive. Also, could you accept an answer? – Kiogara Jan 27 '17 at 13:36

A workaround you can do is actually by clicking "Quit" in UPlay's client, then launching it again (not through Steam). You will be able to use all of UPlay's functions.

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