OK. I have 31 cubes, and 7 bits. There is one missing. Where in the world is it hidden?

Before you say, "That's impossible to answer without knowing all the other ones you've already collected" there are a few relevant bits of information:

  • Going through as if this were my first play-through:
    • Not exploring any secret areas
    • Avoiding all anti-cubes, even the more obvious ones
  • With the exception of secret doors:
    • All rooms on my map are gold
    • All non-secret paths have been thoroughly explored

Why am I going through the game this way? Because it's fun! During my first play-through a few years ago, much was left unexplored since enough stray anti-cubes were collected to finish the game without exploring everything.

Given all that, the real question is:

Is there a secret room somewhere with a cube bit in it?

  • I don't think the editorial italics adds much to this question, especially the jab at the reader. An otherwise good question and answer that might get downvotes it doesn't deserve.
    – EBongo
    Jul 31 '17 at 13:33
  • @EBongo Point taken. Question edited. Jul 31 '17 at 14:40

It's the owls. You must find the four owls, and enter their secret room, that has one cube bit, and also an anti-cube.

This is the only secret room in the game that has a regular cube bit inside it.

This seems like the designer's way of ensuring that everyone who completes the game is, at the very least, aware of the existence of anti-cubes.

owl secret room on the world map

owl secret room detail

  • I should have been tipped off by this earlier, as a comment on another question mentioned that finding the owls was required (and apparently required for the first play-through, assuming you don't stumble on any anti-cubes). Jul 31 '17 at 2:51

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