So I got an item-transfer system. I got a hopper under a detector rail, which detects whenever the chest is empty, but I have no way to block it.

What should I do?

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    How is your track set up? A single power rail that gets powered when the hopper is empty may work depending on if the hopper is at the end or middle of a line. You may also be able to use a sloping power rail to get the job done, but I'd have to test to see if that would work. – Unionhawk Oct 1 at 19:34
  • What exactly are your trying to achieve? Do you want to unload your minecart or your chest? And is your minecart going back and forth from collecting and unloading? For a Minecart unloading you could go for something simple like place your detector rail in a sloped state, blocking the minecart on its way out with a fencegate which gets opened once your minecart is empty. There are tons of tutorials for unloading stations online. – Chund Oct 2 at 9:25

You must use a comparator on the hopper (with one powered rail above it), than a redstone torch to activate it.

Check bellow:



What happens is that when the minecart move one item into the hopper, the comparator detect this and send one energy pulse to the repeater, that energizes a block. This guy have a redstone above it that charges a second block with a redstone torch on it, consequently deactivating the torch and unpowering the rail. When all items were moved to the chest, there's no more energy, so the redstone torch power on and activate the rail, forcing the minecart to move back.


The same system above, the difference is that you need a detector rail 1 block far from the hopper and the powered rail must be going down:





  • Yay but I can't let the minecart go and go on the other side – Infor Mathe Music Oct 5 at 13:09
  • *I can't let the minecart move back – Infor Mathe Music Oct 13 at 10:01
  • I'll take a look at it. – Brhaka Oct 13 at 10:01
  • Take a look, @InforMatheMusic – Brhaka Oct 18 at 9:20

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