I would like to know if a coop PC + switch is possible for Torchlight 2.

I read this post, but it did not help. This other reddit post does not really have the answer either.

Can I consider that if there is no answer, the answer is no ?

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I believe the answer is no.

(I also played TL 1&2. 1 was clearly single, 2 had LAN/IP possibility for PC, but cross-platform is a huge endeavour to take. If there would be a chance, that could be visible on hosting a game, showing up several different console network integration, and game discovery - and I don't see such in there. Modding is still a possibility, but I think vanilla game is clearly out of this.)

Forgive me to link another Reddit, it is 4 days old by today: https://www.reddit.com/r/Torchlight/comments/iv5mds/torchlight_2_pc_and_switch/

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