So, let's say that we have a redstone block in the middle of nowhere and I want to power as many command blocks as possible using that one redstone block. No repeaters are allowed, and there are infinite space and redstone(but still, no repeaters). What is the maximum number of command blocks possibly powered by this singular redstone block? And, if you can find it, what is the layout of this efficient design?

  • Could you instead tell a command block to setblock a redstone block and then have another remove it? – Penguin Apr 16 at 15:47
  • No, because I want this to be hooked up to a fast clock. – Korogue Apr 16 at 15:48
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    and that wouldn't work because...? – Penguin Apr 16 at 15:49
  • also you might wanna consider repeating command blocks instead – Penguin Apr 16 at 15:49
  • no, I don't wanna... wait! Chain command blocks! I'm dumb :( – Korogue Apr 16 at 15:50

With chain command blocks, infinitely many, since you can just set them up back-to-back, and powering the first one triggers the whole chain (assuming the rest are set to not need redstone).

Without chain command blocks, still infinitely many, because you can invert a redstone signal twice to refresh its power. This is more or less that a repeater does, if you think about it - it's crafted from two RS torches. Without a repeater, you can cheat and just put down two NOT gates :P

Without those, you still have a lot of options for extending a redstone signal like probably using hoppers and comparators or something silly like that; I'm not too sure, but the above definitely works.

For what you want to do, chain command blocks are... probably what you want?

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    /fill 0 0 0 100 0 100 redstone_block, there, 20,000 command blocks activated by command from one redstone block. And you can put as many minecarts with command block onto a single piece of activator rail. – SF. Apr 17 at 3:37

As a partial answer, I would put Redstone dust off the block and then have it power a command block that makes the signal stronger. This will allow you to power more command blocks than before.

  • ? This doesnt really seem like an answer, but more of a suggestion for what the answer should have – Penguin Apr 16 at 23:38

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