I am in my second play through Skyrim. I am trying to catch all the things I missed in the first play through.

But this play through I completed Blood on the Ice quest first. It was bugged in my last play through.

My one miss was this link, I need to finish 125 Delvin and Vex quests to get a safe in the Guild along with the other models on display.

Let me explain, my last play through I was unable to purchase Hjerim (sided with the Imperials + Blood on the Ice quest never triggered.)

I plan on siding with the Imperials again this time also, but after the main quest.

My question is I have been asked to plant evidence by Vex into say Clan Cruel-Sea, or Shatter-Shield for that matter, if I do that, will it break something further down?

Will my choices to help Delvin and Vex plant evidence in Windhelm affect any further quests in Windhelm?

  • Short answers: No. The thieves guild use the Radiant system, which is self-contained. Jan 13, 2012 at 18:40
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    @Desaiw I had not noticed that safe before! After reading your post I was able to finish the 125 radiant quests (turns out I was pretty close) and get the safe. Thanks so much! Aug 10, 2012 at 18:36

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No, the radiant quests don't affect anything else.

I can not find definitive evidence of this anywhere, but I have done tons of radiant quests for people all around Skyrim and haven't run in to any problems.

I think the basic understanding here is that there are ~infinite radiant quests. And as such, they can not all be intricately connected to all the other story lines. Each individual radiant quest is just a one-off thing that by itself won't affect the rest of the world.

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