I know there are many mods available to make DotA UI similar to Dota 2. However, I'm in need of a very simple change.

I just need the minimap of Dota 2 to be imported into DotA. I'm not interested in any other things like icons, sounds, hero models, terrain etc.

I've opened a similar thread at PlayDota (of course you would need an account to view the thread. Apologies to those who don't have it) I followed the procedure mentioned there but without any success. After trying numerous times I gave up and decided to seek a solution here.

Are there any ready made mods available which suit my requirement? I'm also ready to carry out instructions give to me here (If any)

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Ok! I figured it out myself. For those having a similar problem, here is what I did

Stage 1

  • Downloaded MPQMaster
  • Opened DotA 6.77 map with MPQMaster
  • Deleted War3mapMap.blp file
  • Imported the Dota 2 War3mapMap.blp file
  • Hit Operations->Compact(Flush)

Stage 2

  • Downloaded WinMPQ
  • Opened the newly modified DotA 6.77 map
  • Hit Compact->Yes->Yes

That's it. The second stage is to reduce the filesize and bring it down to under 8MB

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