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Multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) refer to a genre of games with real-time strategy (RTS) gameplay but that do not have the resource collection or base/unit management of such games. In a MOBA, you typically control one avatar and are teamed with other players versus another team.

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How to improve hand independence? [closed]

Suppose there is a fast-paced game that requires you to do one thing with your left hand (e.g., WASD movement) and another with your right hand (e.g., aim/act). More often than not my focus goes on ...
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Nu Wa Ult Max Damage

Assuming you have unlimited gold to purchase anything, full stacks on items, fire giant buff, damage camp, the 3000 gold elixir to give you increased power(forget the name), AND frenzy relic. What ...
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What does Ult mean?

In Smite I have access to several gods. For each god I have used they have 4 abilities. In several guides, the fourth ability is referred to as "ult". For example: Use your ult to stun a group ...
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What is a lane?

I've started playing the game Smite. After playing through the tutorial and a couple of arena matches I have started reading guides for certain gods. One thing that keeps appearing is the term lane, ...
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League of Legends genre [closed]

Would League be considered both an RTS and a MOBA? I believe it falls into both categories. A colleague says it is not an RTS, but I disagree, as it does happen in real time. I also believe ...
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How can I improve my aim in Smite? [closed]

This question is similar to How can I aim better/kill people more often in first person shooters?; but instead of first person shooters, I'm playing Smite. I find that when trying to aim skills that ...
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What is the exact behavior of creeps, on first wave aggro? [closed]

I am interested in understanding all the creep actions, especially aggro, in League of Legends. The creeps, you know! The stupid little creatures no one cares about, no one even bothers destroying, ...
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A solution to deal with disconnects / afks in MOBAs? [closed]

I wonder, why there isn't a system to deal with afk/dc in MOBAs (or any other team-based game mode), most arguments are like: the smaller team gets more exp/gold since it's divided to a smaller group ...
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17 votes
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What does Snowballing mean?

I heard Snowballing in a lot of league of legends gameplay videos and I don't know what it means. For example I hear Renekton can snowball really hard.
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Ping level in League of Legends

Different types of games have different requirement to the ping. I am new to MOBA and interested in its ping requirements. Particularly of ping requirements of League of Legends. What is the maximum ...
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What external factors can give you an advantage in MOBA games? [closed]

While all games are different and some factors may not apply to all games within the MOBA genre, are there any external* factors or systems common to most MOBA games that can give you an in-game ...
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Why such an emphasis on last-hitting in DOTA-like games? [closed]

With respect to game design and mechanics, why is there such an emphasis on the last-hit mechanic in DOTA-like games? Why was last-hitting selected as one of the primary reward pathways? It seems kind ...
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7 votes
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How to bring back the game in Dota 2?

In League of Legends if the early game is messed up and the enemy heroes are fed up, every additional kill costs less for them. Also killed heroes does not lose gold. This allows them to buy equipment ...
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What are the playstyles of the different roles?

Having never played DOTA, LoL, or any other games of this genre, I am faced with the daunting task of picking between 50+ heroes to play. They each seem to have a role, such as Carry, Initiator, ...
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Dealing with a strong laning combo early game?

In MOBAs (LoL, HoN, Dota, etc.) occasionally you'll get paired vs. a strong laning combo with heavy harassment potential in a dual lane (such that coming near the creeps to lasthit/fight/counterharass ...
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What does backdoor mean in strategy games like DotA or LoL?

What does backdoor technically mean in strategy games like DotA or League of Legends? Is it an accepted tactic or there are some rules that forbid it?
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