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Questions tagged [nintendo-switch-online]

An online subscription service for the Nintendo Switch video game console.

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Can you play Mortal Kombat local on two Switches?

My friend has a copy of MK11 and MK1 for Switch. If I bought copies could I play against her with my own Switch (Lite)?
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Nintendo Switch Family Plan: Against TOS to add friends?

A friend of mine wants to crowd source the cost of a family membership. We are not in the same household, and I can't find anything in the TOS that restricts members to an actual household. Is there ...
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How do I play Minecraft on a local network with multiple Nintendo Switches?

I would like to play local network multiplayer on Minecraft on the Switch. Is it possible to play with multiple people locally without a Nintendo Online Service account?
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What games come with the Nintendo Switch Online Membership?

I'm considering purchasing a Nintendo Switch Online Membership, and my primary motivation to do this is the classic game collections. Therefore, I would like to know what games in the Mario, Zelda, ...
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Are the GBA enhancements accessible in the NSO versions of the Oracles games?

Nintendo just released the Oracles games to it's Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online app. These games had special enhancements if you were playing them on a physical GBA. Does anyone know if these GBA ...
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Do you need a Nintendo Online subscription to play Rocket League's online modes?

I know Nintendo Online isn't required to get the game, but is it required to play the online modes? The servers are run by Psyonix so I would assume no, but you never know with Nintendo. I don't ...
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Unable to play FIFA 2022 online matches on Nintendo Switch

I've been playing FIFA 2022 on a Nintendo Switch, for many months, the game and console are updated to the latest version, I have a Nintendo Online subscription and inside the game, I am able to ...
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Do you need Nintendo Online membership to play Overcooked 2 with friends on the same console?

To play Overcooked 2 do you need a Nintendo Online membership if you are just going to play with your friends at home?
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What are the requirements to play Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch?

The Kingdom Hearts series will come to Nintendo Switch. It will use cloud technology to make this possible, apparantly it's not the first game that uses this technology. What do I need to have except ...
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Mario The Lost Levels Bonus Levels

We have completed the game on Nintendo Switch online but can't seem to get the bonus levels. We completed level 9 eight times like I read and held down A but nothing happened. What do we need to do?
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For what functionality a Nintendo online account is required on the Switch?

I don't necessarily find the process of signing in (to online accounts) on gaming consoles as convenient — it takes a while to create the account, type in your secure ≥16-character password and multi-...
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Can Spiritomb be encountered without a Nintendo Online account?

Spiritomb can be caught in the Crown Tundra DLC. It requires you to speak to 32 trainers online. However, I don't have a Nintendo Online account. Given this, is it possible to encounter Spiritomb by ...
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NookLink with a child account

I want to use the NookLink features in the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app with my child's account. When I sign in on the NookLink I see my adult account and the child. When I select the child ...
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2 answers

Can I get all the fruit types by visiting Random Islands?

I don't have a Switch Online subscription, and have no intention of getting one, so the only way (aside from physical LAN meetups) that I can get fruit that isn't native to my island is to use Nook ...
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Can you play online with a game bought on a none online subscription account in Switch?

I currently have two accounts on my switch each connected to the Japan and US e-store. The US account has the Nintendo Online subscription, but the Japanese one doesn't. If I was to buy a game in the ...
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Does every local villager need Nintendo Switch Online to play online?

If I own AC New Horizons, and have Nintendo Switch Online, it is a given that I can add/remove friends as well as visit other friend's islands. However, what I want to know is this -- if I do not own ...
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Disabling switch online rewind function

I'm having a personal problem when playing NES and SNES games on the Nintendo Switch Online. I want to be able to say I have beaten Super Mario Bros, the Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid and all the ...
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Can you play Nintendo Switch classic games without paying for the yearly subscription?

The only way I could find out how to get classic Super Nintendo games to work on the Nintendo Switch is to sign up for Switch Online. However, I want to keep playing those games without paying for ...
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Does online multiplayer require a Nintendo online subscription?

Does the online multiplayer for Overcooked 2 require a Nintendo Online subscription? I wasn't able to figure this out using the store description of the game, or on the game's website.
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What does "SP" do?

I recently decided to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, so I can play the NES games included in the service. When I launched the NES Nintendo Switch Online app, I noticed that some games were ...
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Do you need Nintendo Online to play local wireless modes in games?

It might sound dumb, but I've heard this is true.
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Does the Nintendo Switch Online Family Group allow sharing of eShop games between accounts on different devices?

This is not a duplicate of Can you share digital games on Nintendo Switch like how it is for PS4 and Xbox One?, as that question was asked before much information was available about Nintendo Switch ...
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