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Questions tagged [uru-ages-beyond-myst]

A 2003 adventure game developed by Cyan Worlds and published by Ubisoft. It is a spinoff of the Myst series and the first to provide multiplayer support.

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How do I tell whether EAX works in Uru: Complete Chronicles?

After following the guide in PCGamingWiki to enable EAX in Uru: Complete Chronicles (GOG edition) and adding DSOAL to the game folder I can still not hear any difference in game. Since I've never ...
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1 answer

Uru Graphics issues with Windows 7 - Strange brightness mostly on plants

The other day I decided I want to play Uru again, as I had just upgraded my sound system (to 7.1 surround) and had yet to play it on my new computer. My computer is a Windows 7 64 bit HP Pavilion g6 ...
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