You can try a few things that can slow him down after you've seen that he's gone fast expand. Generally if you are going an early scout against zerg, usually a 9 or 12 scout (9 scout is fairly safe vs a 6 pool) will let you know that they are going a fast expand. Once you have this information you can alter your build to counter what he is trying to do. ...


I'm only a newbie, but most protoss FE's I come accross makes it easy to drop a Nydus in their main with a Roach Ling combo. Also because they are heavly defended at the front they usually have artossis pyloned themselves.


The question you should ask yourself is not "What rush tactic will win against Zerg's Hatchery first". The correct question is: "Ok, he uses a greedy tactic. How do I punish it?" Punishing doesn't equal instant win. Punishing means dealing enough damage for his greediness not to pay off. Can bunker rush win against Hatcher first in 100% of situations? No! ...

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