I'm thinking of getting a JOYSTICK-IT by ThinkGeek, the guys who developed the iCade. However, I would like to know if the Joystick works for a MAME Emulator on PC.

It should be able to connect fine, since it is Bluetooth based, however I have doubts because of the iCade's incompatibility with PC (Discussed here).

Does anyone have experience with the Joystick? Or can anyone tell me if it would work?

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JOYSTICK-IT does not contain any electronics, but works by mimicking a human finger and this registers as a press on the screen. This product will not work with a PC unless you could get input from a touch input device to register the presses and map them to key presses.


The JOYSTICK-IT isn't an electrical product, it doesn't connect to the device by bluetooth or any other type of connection, it is simply a small stick with a conductive base that works when placed on a touch screen where the "virtual thumb stick" usually is.

For that reason I doubt there'd be any way for you to use this with your PC, unless you have a tablet PC or use it on a touchpad.

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