I need some advice if possible regarding making a memory cell, specifically what type of memory cell I should look at employing. I assume I want a T-Flip-Flop but I'm not too sure.

Basically the switch is going to be used as a track selector for a rail system, each location is connected to at most two other stations. What I'm attempting to do is probably best explained in a picture: enter image description here

As you can see I would like to have the current state of particular junction saved in a particular state. When a button is pressed it toggles the state of that lever which is then saved again. I'm assuming for this I would want a T-Flip-Flop switch and I would need to feed the input buttons from all stations to meet at the input end of this switch, would that be correct?

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Was able to answer my own question I think articulating it in words helped. In anyone else is coming across this then a flip flop switch will indeed work, in order for a button at any location to work simply feed it into the input end before the switch and it will work just fine.


The best solution for this is a toggle switch.

Requires: 1x Redstone Block

2x Sticky Piston

2x Redstone Repeater

1x Any block (e.g. cobble)

+ Extra redstone to connect to stations.

The redstone block will toggle between state 1 and 2 every time a button is pressed.

Image of Toggle Switch

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