I'm running Linux and my two controllers are..

  • THRUSTMASTER 2-in-1 Dual Trigger Controller
  • THRUSTMASTER 3-in-1 Dual Trigger Controller

The problem is that even though I can configure one of them in Big Picture Mode, but neither is there a way to select a controller nor is there a way to configure both of them at the same time. Although I got it working once or twice, but now it doesn't anymore. The is also the case for Guacamelee (and probably many more).

I don't know if it helps, but here is a way to get the configuration that was made my Big Picture Mode.

So, how can I get two (non Xbox) gamepades work consistently on Linux (with Steam) for local co-op?

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So it's pretty easy to make the Steam Big Picture method work using two gamepads. Here is how:

  1. Open a file NAME.sh and replace NAME with the name of your game
  2. Paste the following code and replace COMMAND with the command to start the game:


  3. Plug in the gamepad you want to configure and unplug others

  4. Start Steam Big-Picture Mode, go to settings and configure your gamepad
  5. Open ~/.local/share/Steam/config/config.vdf
  6. Search for "SDL_GamepadBind" "CONFIG"
  7. Copy the part marked as CONFIG
  8. Paste it in the abovementioned command as a replacement for LINE
  9. Optional: For every gamepad continue at 3.
  10. Run the file and have fun playing together! :)

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