Whenever I go into a VAB and try to load a craft, the load button is unresponsive. All other buttons work except for load. Loading crafts that came with mods from clicking on the runway doesn't work either. I've searched online, but I haven't found any results. I have the following mods running in 0.90:

  • Tweakscale
  • Ferram Aerospace (FAR)
  • PlanetFactory Revived
  • B9 Aerospace pack
  • DarkMultiplayer

How can I fix this? Is it fixable?

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The button is disabled except under two conditions (or both):

  • You have saved a vessel previously
  • You have enabled the Allow Stock Vessels difficulty option

If you didn't enable stock vessels when you started the campaign (it's off by default unless you chose Easy), you can enable it from the Space Centre by pressing esc to open the pause menu, clicking Game Difficulty, and then enabling Allow Stock Vessels.

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