I just started the game, and completed 4 missions, but my spending cash is still the same. I went to buy guns, and it says I still have same amount, even though last mission I earned $6000. Where is my money going?

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First of all - most money (80%) you earn go into your "offshore account".

Disregarding that, there are a few things that will reduce your spending cash:

  • Buying assets during the pre-planning phase
  • Buying guns, attachments, masks, etc
  • Spending skill points (Newer players often don't realise that this costs money as well as skill points)
  • Accidentally (or otherwise) killing civilians incurs a fee that is taken directly from you spending cash

Side note: Completing one "day" of a mission and failing the next will not net you any cash.

If you didn't do any of the above, I can't say for sure what's going on. I'd recommend taking screenshots of your spending cash before and after a mission, as well as during the "Payday" screen, where money gets handed out. This way you can clearly see the difference and show or prove it when searching for help.

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