In the Star Wars the Old Republic MMO, can two new subscribers "refer" each other so they both get the referral rewards?


From the game's official site:

As an active Subscriber, you have a personal referral link to send to your friends!

  • Refer friends who have never had a SWTOR account.
  • Invite previous Subscribers who have been unsubscribed for 90 days or more.
  • Tell your friends to use the link as the first step in creating a new account or logging back in to an existing account. By clicking through the link to create an account or log in, they will be registered as your "Referral."

So, if both of you have active accounts, you can give a referral link to each other. Then you can both create a new account or both use another, expired account that is older than 90 days, and reap those benefits for your active accounts. Easy!

There may even be a possibility (if the developers have looked over this exploit) to save two of your referral links, wait for 90 days for your active accounts to expire, and give them a boost with your referral links. Efficient!

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