I'm just wondering, what adrenaline is in The Witcher 2, and how am I supposed to use it?

I can't see any adrenaline bar or something like that, so I'm a bit confused...


The adrenaline bar is activated once you learn your first ability which requires/uses adrenaline.

Also see in the Witcher wiki: Adrenaline Rush

The three skill trees will give you different abilities which are activateable with X (in the case you play with a gamepad directional button up):

  1. Swordman skill tree: Instant Multi Kill of 3 enemies
  2. Magic skill tree: A field similar to Yrden
  3. Alchemy skill tree: More attack and defences

This answer is also interesting and provides a screenshot of the adrenaline bar: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/a/178593

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