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a 1993 graphic puzzle adventure game by Cyan. Players solve puzzles and travel to worlds known as "Ages" in order to learn about the world and it's inhabitants. The game has several different endings which change based on player actions.

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Raising the ship doesn't work

I'm playing Myst:Masterpiece edition from GOG. I have found the clues leading to the symbols of the leaf, the serpent and the insect/spider. But when I click to the corresponding buttons around the ...
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Where is the lever to open the closed door leading to the spiral staircase in the Channelwood area of Myst?

It looks like there is a bug about the lever, whitch opens the closed door. But I I couldn't even find the lever. Where is it? Used to play Myst as a Teenager. Now I want to go throug this fascinating ...
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Why do the prison ages differ in Myst IV: Revelation compared to Myst and Riven?

In Myst, players quickly discover that the brothers Sirrus and Achenar are trapped in books, and they can see and communicate with the player through the book: I vaguely recall these being referred ...
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A particular lever in Myst's Channelwood appears to not be working

In Channelwood in Myst a particular lever doesn't appear to be working. The explanation for my problem contains a spoiler, so I've hidden the text below: Am I missing a key step here? Or could this ...
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Is there any explanation for the Island of Myst or how the player arrives there?

I know I'm many years behind the times; but I just played Myst for the first time this weekend on the PS3. I was absolutely disappointed with the ending; I thought the entire point of the game was to ...
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Do I need to have played Myst in order to play Riven?

I finished Myst 15 years ago and I'm now ready for Riven. Do I need to remember the story of Myst to play Riven? Or are both games are independent?
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How can I run Myst in a window?

I can't stand running games full-screen if they aren't the same resolution as my main monitor, because it screws up all the windows I have on the other monitors. Myst is especially egregious because ...
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How is the Selenitic Age solvable in Myst?

Warning: Contains spoilers! In the Selenitic Age, while you are going through the maze to get back to Myst Island, and you use the "directional sounds" to figure out which way to go through the maze. ...
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