Unfortunately, no. That is not a configurable setting. Any players in a bubble when the level ends will not lose a life, though you will have to restart the level from the beginning (or the checkpoint if you got it already). If you're having trouble with gaming over, my friends and I found a way to get many lives for all players quickly. In world 2-2, ...


Each level has 6 different layouts. Once I had those in text form I wrote a small program that generated a PDF based on these. The items with green background do not have any Bowser (Jr) in that world in that position and can be safely clicked (if you know the green patterns, you always get at least 3 items from the red mushroom).


This is my favorite Wii game and to make the game more difficult I sometimes played it without gathering any items. Actually not getting any mushrooms can be a challenge as you have to circumvent getting drawn into the "worlds" where you can get those (i.e. let yourself be killed if you do). So you can do 9-7 without star item from my notes (not sure if ...


I recommend (especially for Homebrew related things such as ROM hacks) that you do not follow video guides. Homebrew scenes are constantly changing with new methods being created over time and video guides become outdated quickly. Instead, it is recommended to follow written guides as these are often updated more frequently and will immediatley reflect new ...


I have not played that in a forever now, but whenever I did play it I never used Stars power ups at all, so the answer to your question is that it is possible it may just be very difficult


Sorry :( , that's programmed into the game. You can't change it without hacking. I would try to use a screwdriver and break the A button. lol, just kidding. Practice levels without pressing the A button, I guess...


You will always know that a secret exit leading to a cannon is in a level if the level on the map has a road connecting to a cannon. In many cases, you should try to keep items, like propeller mushrooms and propeller boxes to get to out of reach areas.


A bit late ;-) but I wrote a little tool to help you find the correct panel. You can find it here: https://wischi-chr.github.io/MarioWiiPowerUps/ And the source is on github: https://github.com/wischi-chr/MarioWiiPowerUps


I have always gone to World 1-3 with the Yoshis. (IMPORTANT Do not kill any enemies until you get to the fire pirana plant.) Once you get to the fire pirana, eat it, head past the Star Coin, turn left, duck, and shoot. Then, all that you have to do is escort the fireball back to the beginning, and every enemy that it kills after a certain point will give you ...


One of the levels that I frequently use to get lives on is World 3, the first fortress just after the checkpoint, you can just save the pow until all of the dry-bones have fallen and just before the spiked balls start killing, then let the pow go. I can usually get 7-11 lives using this method. This method works best if you are playing multiplayer, when you ...

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