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Etymology of announcing headshots, double kills, multi kills, etc

1 and 2 are easily answered in one answer: The sounds are a combination of both, Unreal Tournament and Quake. The kill streaks and headshot sounds are from UT and other sounds like Impressive, Holy ...
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Unreal - Please help Identify these community maps

First one is dom-elhazad second one ctf-semiramis.
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CreateTexture failed(8007000E)

Typically this error is related to the limitations of 32-bit address space; by default UT2004 is limited to 1GB. On 64-bit Windows, you can set the "Large Address Aware" flag in an ...
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What are the tournament/pro level graphics settings for Unreal Tournament 2004?

Turn off weapon/view bob. It feels strange at first bit made a large difference to my aim, the rhythmic bobbing of the weapon is a huge distraction. Set one cross hair for every type of weapon. ...
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