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Facebook is a popular social networking website that offers support for 3rd party games to be played either on the website or allowing users to sign into their game account with their Facebook account.

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Jurassic World the Game age problem

I got JWTG when I was 10 on my mother's phone, and a few years ago she gave me that phone so I still had JWTG. I'm over 13 now, is there a way I can change the age on my account so I can sign in to ...
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How to link dragonvale park to Facebook after already saying no [duplicate]

I've already logged in before and when it asked if I wanted to link my park I said no. Now, when I log out and log back in, I log in automatically and it doesn't ask me if I want to link my park. Is ...
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How do we link Dragonvale to Faceook?

I have two Kindle-fires for my grandchildren and they have a Dragonvale game on each. My grandson lost his first 'park' (?) and had to restart. We have two Facebook accounts but I cannot manage to ...
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How can I stop an account from automatically linking with Facebook?

Is it possible for a friend to use an old account of mine (which I let him use) and connect it with my facebook account, even though I already have another new account linked to that same facebook ...
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Playstation 4 share screenshot on facebook

Is there any way for uploading to Facebook screenshots that are save on my PS4? I mean, those that I didn´t share at the moment of taking them. If so, how do you do it?
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Restore game progress state before Facebook connection

My girlfriend has an Android phone and plays Candy Crush Saga. She was level 140 on her phone and level 20 on Facebook. Both game states were not connected! However, she decided to connect her ...
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How to get another player ID for Farmville 2 Country Escape?

I chose to ask this question here because there doesn't seem to be any way to contact Zynga for this game. The button that's supposed to actually show me the contact options just redirects to a page ...
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How to invite friends individually for Dragon City?

So I've noticed that when I click this button, every single friend is actually checked. What if I don't want to invite everybody to play this game? What if I want to just invite 1 person? Is there an ...
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Does Android sync require Facebook?

So I still haven't linked Facebook to TDS, partially because I don't want to give any more information than I have to, among other things. Every now and then, though, when TDS crashes and I restart ...
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how do you link your park with Facebook

Please can someone help me? My device is going to be reset completely, and I don't know how to link my park with my Facebook account so i don't lose my progress. Please help! I have tried doing what ...
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Can I associate the account with Facebook after it was already created?

My wife has created a Draw Something account directly, not using Facebook as the login mechanism, but she now regrets doing that. Can she associate the existing account with Facebook somehow, or does ...
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What kinds of things happen when I link Steam and Facebook?

I really hate Facebook apps. I've probably blocked a few hundred or so. Mostly the reasons are twofold: I don't want to spam my friends with random crap that I'm doing I find that most gaming is more ...
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On Steam, how can I see who a friend is on Facebook after they've been linked?

I found a number of my steam friends via the facebook integration. It's an easy process, you go to a page in steam, it shows you who on facebook isn't yet in your friends list, and then you check ...
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What does Facebook Login do in MW3 Multiplayer?

I see there is a Facebook Login in the MW3 Multiplayer main menu and I wonder What it actually does. Will I have to install a Facebook App in my Profile? If it works as an announcer, can I set who ...
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How can I get more Cubits without buying them?

I was playing Chess Cube on Facebook and suddenly this popped up and I am not able to play any matches. Why is this happening? Is there way to continue playing? (Other than buying the cubits of ...
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Playing gun bros on Android with iPhone friends

I have Gun Bros on my Android device (Nexus S), and my pal is playing it on the iPhone, I followed the ingame instructions to add a friend to the brotherhood, but it doesn't work :-/ Is it even ...
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How do I connect Starcraft 2 and Facebook?

I've been reading that Starcraft 2 has facebook integration. But how do I actually connect my accounts?
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How do I use Facebook credits in Playfish's Restaurant City?

How do I use Facebook credits in a game like Playfish's Restaurant City?
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