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A 2008, Simulation game, developed by Dark Realm Studios for Flash. Control the development of an infectious disease and see how it spreads. It is the second game in the Pandemic series.

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How can I resist the vaccine better?

This seem impossible to me wherever I start, because Madagascar always seem to survive. Only once have I infected all countries, but the vaccine finished me off before I could win. How can I make a ...
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How can I take advantage of the afflictions?

In Pandemic 2 sometimes it shows that a country have some problems What could I do to take advantage of the situation?
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How do I minimize Notoriety?

I'd like to make sure my disease stays out of the immunization research phase as long as possible. What does it take to make sure Notoriety stays at a minimum?
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What does it take to unlock the Deceiver trait?

I'm trying to get my disease to stay under the radar as much as possible, and would like to leverage the Deceiver trait to do so. However it would seem I need to achieve some mark before I am even ...
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What are the differences between the two game modes in Pandemic 2?

When you start a new game, you can either play it casually or realistic What are the differences between these two game modes? What does it mean that not all traits are available in relaxed mode? Why ...
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How do I infect Madagascar?

The country of Madagascar is only reachable through sea. This means that if the country closes its shipyard before I reach it there is no way I can possibly win… or is there? How can I work around ...
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