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a game & PC recording application by nVidia for nVidia Graphics Cards. Questions should focus on features of Shadowplay as they pertain to recording gameplay footage using either direct-capture or shadow-capture features.

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ShadowPlay disabled when connecting through Remote Desktop

Every time I connect to my Windows 10 PC from my phone using Windows Remote Desktop, Nvidia ShadowPlay gets disabled. Enabling it from the game overlay (Alt+Z) will immediately turn it off again. As a ...
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nVidia Shadowplay recording not working with 10bpc colordepth

I am using Shadowplay and have an Odyssey G7 (32"). When I put the color-depth to 10 bpc (from 8 bpc) in the nvidia control panel everything works normal except when I activate one of the two ...
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6 votes
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How do I remove the pop-ups on shadowplay/ Nvidia share?

Whenever I want to record for my youtube channel, these pop-ups show up in my recordings. How do I disable them, or stop them from popping up?
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Is there a way to show mouse clicks on screen?

I'm recording to make a showcase of weapons and comparisons between each game of a saga, and I expect the viewer to understand the behaviour of each weapon whenever I'm [holding a certain amount of ...
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Nvidia Shadowplay/Share last and next 5 minutes

Is it possible to set Nvidia Shadowplay/Share to record the last X minutes and additionally the next X minutes? I would love that features since I've recognized that I cut off a lot of commentary when ...
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ShadowPlay desktop capture resolution failure

I have a nice pair of 4k resolution monitors, but I prefer playing my games in Borderless Windowed mode due to multitasking and frequent need to Alt+Tab. So I have ShadowPlay recording the desktop, ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Shadowplay will not recognize Overwatch

Shadowplay is the only piece of recording software available to me at this moment and it does not recognize Overwatch at all. It seems it doesn't matter if Overwatch is in fullscreen or in borderless ...
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Is it possible to record clips less than a minute in length?

Is there any way to get Nvidia ShadowPlay to record clips less than a minute in length?
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1 answer

How do I use the 3 minute playback feature?

I just got an awesome clip of pushing my friend off of the Iron Keep Bridge in Dark Souls 2 with the Bone Fist (Probably too late now, but will be remembered). I remembered the 3 minute feature with ...
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What games does Shadowplay work on?

Does Shadowplay, a videogame specific tool for the recording of gameplay, work on "arbitrary games" or does it only support the relatively few games supported by GeForce Experience? I suppose that, ...
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Shadowplay records wrong monitor

I have 2 monitors (1920x1080), and I run Battlefield 4 on my second monitor (secondary screen). When I try to save background recording in Shadowplay (1 min video), it always saves the desktop image ...
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