I've been messing around with command blocks recently, and I need to be able to 'log' my command block output.

I can see the last output it had

'Gave 1 diamond to JackOBoi04' (example)

but I am trying to find a way to take said output, and log it in a book, or something like so even when I'm offline, when I come back online I can look back at the list of said command block's output, from when I was offline.


You can't. Besides for a simple succeeded or failed, you cannot read output from a command block.

Perhaps you could use the /clone command to clone a ton of different command blocks so you can go and look through all the copies but that is pretty unreasonable.

  • But does the /clone command keep the command block's previous output? Or do you mean make a copy of the command block 10 times, and run each command block at a 6 minute interval of each other, going back to the beginning of the line every hour? It's not a bad idea but setting up a 6 minute timer in between each command block could be complicated... – JackOBoi04 Feb 1 at 18:00
  • @JackOBoi04 /cloneing the command block will keep its data, so I just meant copy it to a storage spot and have it never run – Penguin Feb 1 at 18:23

If you construct your command blocks to increment a scoreboard its a form of logging:

/scoreboard objectives add diamond
/scoreboard players set diamond diamond 0

The above commands creates a scoreboard objective 'diamond' then sets a fake player's score to 0 (as long as the name doesn't match the name of someone on the server you can make as many fake players as you want).

At the end of a chain of command logic, you could put the following command to 'log' the example you gave.

/scoreboard players add diamond diamond 1

Then when you want to view the results you could list the objectives of your fake player

/scoreboard players list diamond

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