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"Given that I am still at level 1 and only have one of each type of building, does it mean I have to build multiple plantations and sawmills?" Correct. Also ensure that: Your city has industrial demand, so that workers will actually fill up open industry jobs. Road connections to your industry buildings are not blocked by traffic, destroyed, ...


All content and features of all versions of the game are exactly the same apart from the fact you can have Mods on the PC version, and obviously at a higher resolution and frame rate also. But it depends on your play-style, if I had the choice, I'd pick PC.


You're saying your road traffic is bad. I've got some bad news here: Cities Skylines is an agent based simulation. It's also got greatly compressed time. That means a day is only perhaps a few minutes long. The main question is 'how bad'? Sub-10% flow rate is where things start to really break down. This means people spend most of their time going to places, ...


For future reference— Another possible cause for buildings not getting water even when there is sufficient number of pumps and sewage and the pipes are all connected—- check your Budget. If your water budget is set too low that can cause insufficient water supply in spite of everything else being set up correctly.

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