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How to download non-DRM version of game from Steam to run in WINE?

No, you cannot. Steam is a DRM enforcing client. It doesn't provide a version of software that is not DRM restricted. However, you can install Steam on WINE itself. It will then detect it is on a "...
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Switched Windows to Mac, do I have to buy Steam games again to play on Mac?

Once you buy a steam game, you can use it on any computer, provided that the computer can run it. There should be no need to re-buy the mac versions of the same games, though you will need to download ...
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Switched Windows to Mac, do I have to buy Steam games again to play on Mac?

When you open Steam on the Mac, your game library is by default shown with a filter for games released under the "SteamPlay" label. Buying games with this label always gives you the Mac version or the ...
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Help with Minecraft LAN Server on Mac?

In the launcher, go into the "Installations" tab. Choose a profile to patch. This method won't disrupt your game in any way, but if you're worried about breaking something, create a new ...
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Help with Minecraft LAN Server on Mac?

Description Assuming you've done the normal troubleshooting (such as disabling the Firewall), you're experiencing bug with the networking protocol being used on MacOS (IPv6 versus IPv4), documented ...
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Civilization 6 saved game location?

Figured it out. Not exactly user friendly... Saves are located in ~/Library/Application Support/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/Saves Open with Terminal Open Terminal and type open ~/Library/...
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Steam (Mac) game location

Steam normally stores its games in: /Users/<your user name>/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/ You might have luck moving your game folders here, or pointing Steam itself to ...
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Steam isn't downloading a game but it thinks it is ('missing executable' error message)

I contacted Steam support about the issue, and they said they were able to reproduce the issue, so it was not specific to my account or anything. They contacted the developer, and learned that the Mac ...
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Where does GOG keep its Wiz8 saves?

Good Old Games doesn't usually re-write Windows games for OS X; it just wraps them in a .app with Wineskin and then puts that file alongside the necessary files for running it on OS X, and packages ...
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Switched Windows to Mac, do I have to buy Steam games again to play on Mac?

Some games only run on Windows. These games, obviously, will not run on your Mac and do not appear by default in your library. Unfortunately, this is a technical limitation which generally cannot be ...
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How do I install and play Dwarf Fortress on mac?

From the README.osx: DF is not currently bundled as a proper Mac application. You'll need to use the "df" script in the folder. Double-clicking on it should work. You can also try running it ...
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Civilization 6 saved game location?

I'm assuming you bought the game through Steam? If you bought the game from the Mac App Store then the saved game files are located in ~/Library/Containers/com.aspyr.civ6.appstore/Data/Library/...
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How do you download the Mac version of a Steam game on a Windows PC?

Yes, you can.You'll need: Target platform (Windows, Mac, Linux). Target architecture (32 or 64-bit). Steam appid. With Steam fully closed, run it with the -console startup option, or click steam://...
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Can I download Steam games on one computer (mac), then install them on another (Windows)?

Valve's SteamCMD does just that. Download and unpack steamcmd. Cast this spell to log in, set a game directory and download the game. Fill in <your login>, or replace with "anonymous" if you're ...
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Can I play Terraria on a Mac?

Terraria has been officially ported to Mac and Linux: Terraria Can Mac & Linux Come Out & Play?
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COUNTRSTRIKE GO config & skins

I'll just break your question up: What is the DIR and filename of the player config on OSX? This varies depending on your Steam setup and folder location, but by default, it should be in: ~/...
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Is multiplayer Minecraft available on the iMAC?

Minecraft is certainly available for Mac! You can see this if you visit the download page for the game, and under the "Desktop" section, select "Mac". Although there are version differences between ...
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What's this red bubble on my Steam client?

It was a client update notification. The update window got completely buried. I ended up finding this thread Steam: What does the OSX Steam dock red badge icon mean? where OP wrote: sometimes ...
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How can I transfer Steam game save files from one Mac to another?

This process is very, very game-specific, as @Communisty mentioned in the comment section. There are a lot guides on moving and creating backups of game savefiles. The best way to get started is to ...
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Is there a way to search for games on Steam that are both Mac OS and PS4 controller compatible?

Yes, partially. Steam search has a built-in filter feature, this URL will give you games: That you haven't ignored [if you're logged in] That are not in your library [if you're logged in] That have ...
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Do I have to re-buy Minecraft?

By migrating you have removed your purchase from Mojang's and moved it to Microsoft's XBox Store. In the launcher use the 'add account' function, choose Microsoft account, and use your ...
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My Minecraft Resource Packs I downloaded and made won't show up

I'm here because I was having a very similar problem. I've just managed to solve it, and I figured, even if this question is a bit old by now, maybe something I did will be helpful for you, or for ...
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Emulated version of Twilight Princess has a strange water texture in Dolphin 4.0

This issue was fixed on March 10, 2016 with Dolphin 4.0-9158. According to the official Dolphin Progress Report for March 2016, this issue was caused by a bug in Apple's OS X Graphics Drivers. It was ...
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Where to put The Witcher 1 saves on Mac so that they can be imported to The Witcher 2?

This is my solution as of 6/14/16 Something I wasn't getting was that your Witcher 1 saves must be copied into the default Witcher 2 save file location. This is for steam version of game *** These ...
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Trouble importing SNES ROM with Higan on Mac OS X

Super late answer, but I hope it helps someone at least. In order to emulate anything on higan you need to get the manifest.bml and the ipl.rom for whatever system you're emulating. You can find ...
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Can I play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on my PC with people playing on macs?

According to this FAQ about the Mac version of Modern Warfare 3: Do Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Mac feature multiplayer? What about cross-platform ...
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How do I clear Steam Cloud Sync files for a specific game?

I've had success (different game) in the past with this guide (the Steam app ID for TF2 is 440): The basic idea is to: mess up (i.e. ...
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How to sync my save between PC on Creeper world 3 AE

The Dropbox way As CW3 make the save cross compatible with windows / ubuntu and mac, you can share a same save file. How-to : First, you'll need a cloud account, I choose Dropbox, but it'll ...
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Where is the Steam game savefile location on OSX?

Save game storage location varies by game. The most common locations are ~/Library/Application Support/ and ~/Documents/. If it's not in either of those locations, your best bet will be to look on PC ...
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How do I install and play Dwarf Fortress on mac?

Download the Mac version from ( current version: ) save somewhere you can find it, like a ...
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