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You'll need to put your old PC internal drive in a usb drive enclosure then possibly re-partition and format it as FAT32. You can then plug it into the PS3 and backup from the internal drive to your new external drive. Since the backup/restore function is part of the PS3 software you have to boot it from the internal drive first. Assuming your old PC drive ...


Download the PS3 system software from Make a folder called "PS3" on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Create a folder called "UPDATE" in the "PS3" folder. Put the file "PS3UPDAT.PUP" in the "UPDATE" folder on the USB. Plug the USB drive in to the PS3. Hold the power button on the PS3 until the ...


You have to start up a custom match from the zombies menu, you are still able to invite your friends if you like, but from there after you chose a map you are able to pick a starting round and enable hellhounds. This can be chosen for both local and multiplayer games. This guide can help you decide how and what to choose. Look for the "Custom" option at ...


The Yellow Light of Death is used by the PS3 to indicate a hardware failure with the console's motherboard or power supply. Unfortunately, without repair, this PS3 won't turn on again, and repairing a PS3 is so time-consuming that it's not worth it; purchasing a new one is far easier (and probably cheaper).

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