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That could happen, but it depends on each player's network environment. If your son's (more likely your house's) internet connection is very low quality (like using Wifi at far from router, low connection speed, etc), that could happen. I suspect that's the case here, since your son's getting kicked out of server. Or, one possibility, your son and his friend'...


Yes, this could absolutely happen. However, things would have to go really, really wrong on one end or the other. I doubt that your son is lying; this has happened to me when someone (who lives roughly an hour away from me) joined. It kicked us both.


As many have stated, USB 2.0 is your limiting factor here. However, if you have a modded console, you might be able to put an SSD in there. :)


Especially in modded Minecraft, reducing particle counts can improve CPU performance dramatically. Even though Minecraft is now a AAA title, it still uses the CPU to calculate particle physics, and with a single core! As if this is not bad enough, there is no culling that's done with this, meaning that all particles are taking physics computations all the ...


Try setting Mipmap Levels to OFF in instead of 4 which the default value is. This increased my performance from around 5 to 10 FPS to around 80 FPS. I'm not sure why this helps exactly, but looking around the Internet I'm far from the only one to have had this resolve FPS problems in Feed The Beast on otherwise powerful hardware.


Follow-up: I gave up and punted. After trying upgrading to Windows 11, reinstalling DirectX 12, multiple version of drivers and validating OpenGL, none of which helped, I backed everything up and reinstalled Windows from scratch. This seems to have done the trick. Thank you to everyone! I really appreciate your suggestions. Plus now I know a lot more for ...


go in to creative make your and restart your game if your on ps4 restart and unplug your ps4 then plug it back in or wait till you'r gaming device comes up and it should work normally again.

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